So introductions are not something I particularly excel at, but what I am good at is reading books and capturing moments (ultra-generic, I know).
I try to write relatable stuff most of the time and end up going completely off track, but I’ve been told that my opinions are pretty on point.
I’m an Indian teenager who loves to read, write, dance and watch sci-fi TV shows all the time. I’d love to say that I find goodness all around me, alas I’m the most sarcastic and pessimistic person in the history of ever. My dream job is to bake pies and wake the dead (kudos to everyone who got that reference).
My posts are generally going to focus on non-sugarcoated reviews, shoving my opinions down other people’s throats (though that may only happen once in a blue moon) and over-exaggerating life threatening circumstances that seem to happen way too often to me.
Wait up for the next post,


Author: Armored Titan

Slytherin, Geek, Typical run-of-the-mill fangirl

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