I know, I know. You all are probably sick of me posting my ASL speech, so am I. But I’m too lethargic to write anything the entire year and on top of that I can’t come up with good topics. When ASL comes along and I look at the topics I realise they are pretty doable and then I HAVE TO write something which I end up posting. This year I chose wisdom and humour and of course I had to make the speech formalish (it’s being recorded and sent to the authorities mind you) but of course my evil head is full of sarcastic, cheesy, cocky ideas and I couldn’t help but pen them down though I didn’t actually say that. So here goes my ASL- UNCENSORED VERSION

Some might say that wisdom and humour is somewhat of an oxymoron with all those weirdos cracking jokes that no one make neither head nor tail of, but I beg to differ. I feel that wisdom and humour actually go hand in hand when you come to think of it. You can never really be witty without your jokes making some sort of sense. You need to relate humour to reality in some way or the other. So many great examples of this can be seen in English literature. From P.G Wodehouse to Douglas Adams, these authors have proved that wisdom and humour make a great couple (so have our beloved Chandler Bing and Sheldon Cooper). Wisdom is essential in order to express your humour in the right manner. What you’re trying to say with an inoccent intention *raises eyebrows* of simply lifting up spirits may come out sounding rude or even cheap at times which is where wisdom plays its role. My favourite form of wit being sarcasm, I consider wisdom to be an extremely essential ingredient here and my deepest condolences to those who think shoving chopsticks up your nose and pretending to be a mammoth is funny. When in an argument, shout out insults like they’re wise saws which just might leave Mr. Shakespeare baffled. Wisdom to humour is like sugar to coffee and god bless those who don’t take sugar in theirs with taste buds!


Author: Tangled Tantalizer

Teenager with a love for travelling. On the go for "asthetic" pictures while devouring gratifying delicacies and simultaneously whiling away time with a pen and paper.

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