Life Ain’t No Story Book Kid 

Life ain’t no storybook kid,

With fairies in magical worlds,
Or angles in the heavens above,

With laced gowns and netted viels,

Or crystal diadems and pearls beneath,

The ocean so blue and vast,

Talking fish and shrimps and sharks,

The oysters with eyes, the corals so bright.

With witches in caps and potions that 

Make you invincible.

With spells for all kinds of chores ,

With creatures never seen before,

Misty clouds and giant peaches,

Abandoned islands and empty beaches.

There ain’t no golden bird or egg,

There ain’t no monster with three heads,

No vampires dripping blood, 

No wands made of English oak wood.

No zombies, no giants, no huge bumble bees,

No wondrous 25th century technology. 

No hoverboards to fly on, 

No brooms to ride,

No owls with letters,

No god of the skies.

There ain’t no dementors, 

There ain’t no centaurs, 

There ain’t no demigods, witches or wizards. 

No damsel in distress, no prince with a sword, 

No tower and a princess with hair so long.

No yetis, no talking snowmen and trees,

No mind boggling galaxies.

No raging tides with entire towns below,

No wonderland where in summer it snows,

No dogs on a mission in a level seven crisis, 

No Zeus, no Ares, no Athena and Isis. 

These are worlds that we have created, 

Shaped with our palms,

They may not be true but to us they are.

They are much more than fantasies, fandoms and tales,

These are places where we can disappear only to be found again,

On a new planet or in a new land,

Sink deep and dwell in there for as long as you can.



The Fuhrer’s Vision

They are scum, they are pests,
They must work, no they can’t rest.
They are worse than rats and cows,
Said the Fuhrer with a tightened brow.

Who are they to earn a decent living?
They aren’t worth a single shilling.
They are killers of Christ, atheists and haters,
Untrustworthy, deceiving traitors.
They don’t believe in the things that I do,
They don’t worship the kings that I do.

We must eliminate them to “cleanse” the world,
Put them in chambers like cows in a herd.
Let loose the gas and let’s leave them to die,
Shoot anyone who demands how or why.

It’s only a couple of million rats anyway,
It’s part of winning the battle out there I say.
Let’s abuse nature, destroy what isn’t yet torn,
Let’s uproot humanity from its very core.


I know, I know. You all are probably sick of me posting my ASL speech, so am I. But I’m too lethargic to write anything the entire year and on top of that I can’t come up with good topics. When ASL comes along and I look at the topics I realise they are pretty doable and then I HAVE TO write something which I end up posting. This year I chose wisdom and humour and of course I had to make the speech formalish (it’s being recorded and sent to the authorities mind you) but of course my evil head is full of sarcastic, cheesy, cocky ideas and I couldn’t help but pen them down though I didn’t actually say that. So here goes my ASL- UNCENSORED VERSION

Some might say that wisdom and humour is somewhat of an oxymoron with all those weirdos cracking jokes that no one make neither head nor tail of, but I beg to differ. I feel that wisdom and humour actually go hand in hand when you come to think of it. You can never really be witty without your jokes making some sort of sense. You need to relate humour to reality in some way or the other. So many great examples of this can be seen in English literature. From P.G Wodehouse to Douglas Adams, these authors have proved that wisdom and humour make a great couple (so have our beloved Chandler Bing and Sheldon Cooper). Wisdom is essential in order to express your humour in the right manner. What you’re trying to say with an inoccent intention *raises eyebrows* of simply lifting up spirits may come out sounding rude or even cheap at times which is where wisdom plays its role. My favourite form of wit being sarcasm, I consider wisdom to be an extremely essential ingredient here and my deepest condolences to those who think shoving chopsticks up your nose and pretending to be a mammoth is funny. When in an argument, shout out insults like they’re wise saws which just might leave Mr. Shakespeare baffled. Wisdom to humour is like sugar to coffee and god bless those who don’t take sugar in theirs with taste buds!

The “Cheesy” Article on Adventure

So, I am literally posting my English speaking skills exam speech because I don’t know why but I like it. We were given a bunch of topics to choose from and I chose adventure. Five minutes after that I felt like a fool, yes adventure is amazing, cool, yada, yada but how am I supposed speak on it for an entire minute?! But I did cook up something and surprisingly it came out well, according to me at least (some people think it’s cheesy…OK it IS a bit cheesy🙃)

So, what is adventure? Adventure is simply something which causes adrenaline to surge through your body and the hair on the back of your neck to shoot up. When you feel that uncontainable energy swell up and the hunger for more growl louder by the second, you know it’s your sense of adventure in play. Everyone has their own definition of adventure. For a one year old his first piggyback ride is an adventure and for an astronaut, his first journey into the vast universe. Adventure is like challenging your fear to a fight and the joy of beating it by going right through the tunnel of fear is inexplicable. Be it a hair raising roller-coaster or a trek through the woods, adventure adds that little spice to our lives. A sense of novelty and wonder arises when on an adventure. Adventure is like an abstract piece of art, that one has to create on his own. It may not make any sense, but it provides pleasure all the more. It’s an experience that one can cling onto for the rest of his life.


So, my fellow “bloggers” have proved be lethargic good for nothings and it looks like typing their introductory blogs is too strenuous for their delicate fingers (no Naman not you) I’ve been waiting to put up this blog and I just realized Naman Kumar has already put up two so yeah, here it is- All of us, literally all of us, at some point or the other have felt like giving up on life..have felt that no matter how hard you try it’ll be no good, but life is the only game that can be altered by the player. Okay so guys one small question-“There are two wolves, one is darkness and despair, and one, one is light and hope, which one wins?” So obviously those of you guys who have seen Disney’s Tomorrowland are already familiar with the answer but for those of you who haven’t, here’s the answer- The one you feed. The movie was a sci-fi but none of that part got my attention, I spent the entire movie pondering over those 4 words which had a deeper meaning that, well the Mariana Trench you could say. And one day, when one of my good friends was going through that phase when he about to give up all hope, that’s the question I asked him. When I told him the answer, he asked me “But, how do you feed the right wolf?” That got me thinking, how indeed do you feed the wolf? I had no answer at that point. But after brainstorming for hours it hit me, optimism! That’s it! All you need is a piece of meat called o.p.t.i.m.i.s.m! You simply need to believe that the right wolf will win. And as my train of thought went on, I thought, won’t the other wolf want to be fed, won’t it come in my way and try to grab the food. In that case I will have to fight darkness and despair to fend it off. So, in life light and hope never comes without a bit of darkness and despair, that’s the harsh reality we have to accept AND use to our advantage. And if in the process you get some bruises, cuts and scratches, just apply the bandages. Now what plays the role of bandages in our story? Actually, its a who, our very own well wishers, our friends and family. When you have the slab of optimism, your friends and family to heal your wounds and the courage to stand up to the wolf all you need to do is never give up, and before you know it light and hope is gonna become your new pet! It has rightly been said, life is indeed what you make of it.

hi again

So here goes, as my friend has already told you we are just a bunch of teens with different lives, different likes and dislikes and different ambitions trying to figure out things, figure out high school, figure out people and figure out OURSELVES. This blogging stuff is gonna be a chance for people to know us and for us to know each other as well… hopefully. So, I’m a dreamer, a deep thinker and an optimist (I like to believe that at least). I love music and books and dance is something so close to my heart that words won’t suffice. I’m a work-out freak and a huge foodie which is supposed to be a good balance but surprisingly doesn’t work out that well. My posts may be about absolutely anything including completely random stuff, I’m open to everything, but, mostly with an element of humor to spice up things. I hope this thing is a success.

Cheers to our first blogging experience!!