The Golden Bird

Temples, idols, flowers, and Sun

There was a time when India was the golden one

Long ago, but not in a distant land

This tale is of the country which was once called the Golden Bird.


Centuries past, when forts spread vast

Merchants galore, with bangles and earrings hanging from a cart

Civilizations grew, but not too far

Rich capitals and even richer kings, about whom were created lores

But all that came to a pause when the Whites docked their ships upon the shores


Torment and torture and tyranny spread wide

Houses were burnt and children cried

The Battle of Buxar, the Battle of Plassey

No one knew for sure now, as blurred were the lines


Torment of the East spread to the West, and then everywhere

The East India Company had started the British phase

Rulers forfeited, heroes disappeared

Will there be anyone who would save them from this craze?


They fought, they rebelled, but the radicals were held

They struck, they tried, anyone who opposed died

Udham Singh served revenge on a cold platter

Bose versus the British, so went the matter


Gandhi took the path to peace

Naoroji served the sermons

Awaiting the time to make their move,

The citizens slowly sparked the fire.


Riots happened, protests were held

And into the freedom movement, the citizens delved.

Modern buildings and Indigo farms

Were destroyed by ammunition and arms


The Revolt of 1857, brought upon a new age

No longer did anyone tolerate the rage

The British crowd control failed, but Indians did not

Onwards, they marched, towards a new dawn


Gone was the darkness which came with the East India Company’s tyranny

A new hope emerged in the light of a new day

The Whites were weakened in the World War Two

The path to freedom opened anew


Meetings were held, parties were formed

A brand new era was about to begin

Negotiations happened and peace was restored

This was the tale of the country which was once called the Golden Bird