Time Does Not Stop

As the ground shakes ferociously,

The beautiful sights of Kathmandu crumble resonantly.

Destroying peace and calm along the quake,

Yet time does not stop to witness it.


The very temples that formed the foundation of the city,

Have now formed a colossal crater in the ground.

Years of prestigious memories lost,

Yet time does not stop to recover it.


The cries of many orphaned children,

More terrible than the sound of the ground splitting apart.

Innocent lives, gone in a second,

Yet time does not stop to honor them.


Rubble, piled into mountains, with people still trapped inside,

The devastation over, but not quite.

The death toll, increasing by the minute,

Yet time does not stop to save them.


Citizens and tourists alike, starving critically,

A mother asking for food to feed her baby,

Getting refused though not losing hope,

Yet time does not stop to provide her.


As the choppers come and help the victims,

The wounded carried to the hospitals,

And the dead to the crematorium,

The moment whizzes to a slow motion

And time does slow down



The Fuhrer’s Vision

They are scum, they are pests,
They must work, no they can’t rest.
They are worse than rats and cows,
Said the Fuhrer with a tightened brow.

Who are they to earn a decent living?
They aren’t worth a single shilling.
They are killers of Christ, atheists and haters,
Untrustworthy, deceiving traitors.
They don’t believe in the things that I do,
They don’t worship the kings that I do.

We must eliminate them to “cleanse” the world,
Put them in chambers like cows in a herd.
Let loose the gas and let’s leave them to die,
Shoot anyone who demands how or why.

It’s only a couple of million rats anyway,
It’s part of winning the battle out there I say.
Let’s abuse nature, destroy what isn’t yet torn,
Let’s uproot humanity from its very core.