Time Does Not Stop

As the ground shakes ferociously,

The beautiful sights of Kathmandu crumble resonantly.

Destroying peace and calm along the quake,

Yet time does not stop to witness it.


The very temples that formed the foundation of the city,

Have now formed a colossal crater in the ground.

Years of prestigious memories lost,

Yet time does not stop to recover it.


The cries of many orphaned children,

More terrible than the sound of the ground splitting apart.

Innocent lives, gone in a second,

Yet time does not stop to honor them.


Rubble, piled into mountains, with people still trapped inside,

The devastation over, but not quite.

The death toll, increasing by the minute,

Yet time does not stop to save them.


Citizens and tourists alike, starving critically,

A mother asking for food to feed her baby,

Getting refused though not losing hope,

Yet time does not stop to provide her.


As the choppers come and help the victims,

The wounded carried to the hospitals,

And the dead to the crematorium,

The moment whizzes to a slow motion

And time does slow down



Life Ain’t No Story Book Kid 

Life ain’t no storybook kid,

With fairies in magical worlds,
Or angles in the heavens above,

With laced gowns and netted viels,

Or crystal diadems and pearls beneath,

The ocean so blue and vast,

Talking fish and shrimps and sharks,

The oysters with eyes, the corals so bright.

With witches in caps and potions that 

Make you invincible.

With spells for all kinds of chores ,

With creatures never seen before,

Misty clouds and giant peaches,

Abandoned islands and empty beaches.

There ain’t no golden bird or egg,

There ain’t no monster with three heads,

No vampires dripping blood, 

No wands made of English oak wood.

No zombies, no giants, no huge bumble bees,

No wondrous 25th century technology. 

No hoverboards to fly on, 

No brooms to ride,

No owls with letters,

No god of the skies.

There ain’t no dementors, 

There ain’t no centaurs, 

There ain’t no demigods, witches or wizards. 

No damsel in distress, no prince with a sword, 

No tower and a princess with hair so long.

No yetis, no talking snowmen and trees,

No mind boggling galaxies.

No raging tides with entire towns below,

No wonderland where in summer it snows,

No dogs on a mission in a level seven crisis, 

No Zeus, no Ares, no Athena and Isis. 

These are worlds that we have created, 

Shaped with our palms,

They may not be true but to us they are.

They are much more than fantasies, fandoms and tales,

These are places where we can disappear only to be found again,

On a new planet or in a new land,

Sink deep and dwell in there for as long as you can.